Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Two Week Disconnection

I am off to the East Coast for Shabbos, and then to Eretz Yisroel for a week. I don't expect to have access to the net during that time.

For Divrei Torah on the two Parshios I will be out of town for, please see

For Parshas Shemos:

Din Oneis by Goyim

Serving God through Worldly Occupations

Why Yisro Took an Escaped Criminal to be His Son-in-Law

Bris Millah and the Geula from Mitzrayim, Bris Millah and Korban Pesach

For Parshas Va’eira:

Who Names the Baby;" and "Who Pays for a Wedding" and "What Should a Wedding Invitation Look Like" , with pictures of wedding invitations Reb Chaim Brisker and Reb Leizer Yudel sent out for their children's weddings (and two from Klausenberg and Munkatch.)

Lust or Apathy; Which is More Dangerous?

I also recommend http://www.divreichaim.blogspot.com/ and http://nefeshchaim.blogspot.com/ for worthy Torah thoughts, and http://yediah.blogspot.com/ for serious hashkafa thinking. There is also http://www.bcbm.org/ for a great collection of shiurim, and http://www.dafonline.org/ to hear Harav Moshe Brown, a walking, talking Sefer Torah, saying a Daf Yomi Shiur.


  1. >>>I’ll leave this question hanging. How would the Ohr Sameiach answer the kasha from shechita?

    I think the Kli Chemdah asks this kashe.

  2. I would love to See the Teretz (HINT,HINT(;)

  3. The Kli Chemdash is a long piece, but I'll give you a different teirutz from the sefer Mishmeres Chaim. By shechita the ma'aseh shechita is the mitzvah and must be done b'kashrus. By milah the mitzvah is the totza'ah of removing the arlah which is the mitzvah and therefore so long as part of the act was done by a bar chiyuva it is OK.

    I would have thought you could distinguish between the psuk of an aku"m (who the Rambam seems to reject completely) and the psul of a woman. A woman is included in the parsha of milah, but she has a psul because of himol-hamal yimol. An aku"m is mufka completely from the parsha.