Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gone Fishing

Sorry for the failure to post. I'm too stressed out; one guy's suing me for housing discrimination because I didn't renew his lease (i.e., I raised the renewal fifteen dollars more than for other tenants), and he claims this is because he has a medically necessary dog; (his one o'clock in the morning howling, he says, was not the reason I was being mean to him, of course); tenants at another building are yelling about refunds on rent because we had a fire (no injuries, b'h,) that inconvenienced them; and we learned Tagrei Lud yesterday in the shiur. Sometimes I think I would prefer Tagrei Lewd. So instead of posting something trivial, like why the word Chalatz can mean armed, or released, or graced, or a shirt, I'll just wait until things calm down around here.

I solicited a certain extravagantly talented scholar to write here while I go to ground, but so far, no cigar.

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