Monday, September 5, 2011


1. I'm going on vacation for a while.  If anyone has a good dvar torah, send it to me, although I'll probably reject it.

2.  If  you're interested in an excellent and very clear explanation and demonstration of Shechita, treifus, bedikos, and nikur of Chelev, there is a series available here.  You can basically watch this and go out and shecht.

3.  A friend was talking to me about what a strong, albeit subliminal, influence music has on us.  He pointed out that two current famous pop singers epitomize this anti-Torah power.  One is a singer who calls herself Esther.  Her stage name, however, is מֲדֲנֳא, the gematria of which happens to equal המן.  Ironic: a Haman that calls herself Esther.   The other singer is Lady Gaga, whose name, obviously, is the same as the most famous king of Amalek, Agag.  This might seem absurd to you, but anyone with experience in Toras Hanistar would argue that to dismiss such things as mere coincidence is superficial and foolhardy.

4.  This is not my car.  I do know that its owner is a diligent and dedicated kovei'a itim and an osek batorah at a level of considerable accomplishment.  Click on the picture to enjoy all the nuances.


  1. re: the burden of sobriety
    I recall an excellent panacea from my days in the health field.
    The prescription is as follows:

    25cc ethanol
    diluents and flavoring prn

    to be taken, preferably not with food, q.i.d.

    If necessary, may be taken with food of high salt content.

    While it may not cure the accursed sobriety, it will certainly ameliorate the symptoms.

  2. Leave good music to the musicians please. The two ladies are not Jewish, so they should be outside of your concern. Let them be, I like them both. But sir, no sabbaticals before your review some new books, hint, hint.

  3. @tzvee
    amalek, etc., are also not Jewish, and are very much our concern. The corruption of the spiritual force field of the universe affects all, especially the Orthodox.

    Looking at the spiritual degradation of the Orthodox - or Orthoprax - world, which is at its fringes leaking away, should be a frightening reminder of that.

    As some of the right fringe crosses into insanity, and the left segues into Conservatism or worse...

  4. Thank you, grunk. I feel mush beder now

    tzvee, the image of meerschaum and nuance somehow doesn't shtim with the libidinous and wanton lifestyles given voice in their music.
    I've begun reading your book, and found much that I enjoyed; for example, that part of the significance of the Kedusha of Malachim is the manner in which it is expressed. I wouldn't say, though, that the content is prosaic. I'm still reading.

  5. the lady gaga part i can atleast hear, but madonna is very weak. just a simple equivalence of gematria... דניאל is also 95, what does that show?

  6. Yes, Daniel, I agree, 99.99% of current Gematriot are nothing more than coincidence, and yet, there are some things that are worth believing even if they're not true.

    Funny you mention about Daniel and Haman, though. A friend of mine by the name of Fox loves Gematriot, as do many physicians that I know. At his Seudat Preidah I mentioned that Fox is gematria Amalek, fei kuf samach. He immediately answered that he spells his name with an additional aleph, and that aleph, the Yachid Hameyuchad, makes all the difference.