Friday, August 16, 2013

The Divrei Yechezkel ה"דברי יחזקאל" מהרב יחזקאל ברשטין זצוק"ל

I just had the Divrei Yechezkel re-published.  It is a beautiful work.  Hundreds of errors were corrected, and numerous very important additions and He'aros were added, including a shiur from the author that his talmid, Rav Shach, had written down.  I published it in fulfillment of my father's wish that something be done to memorialize his Rebbi in Slabodka.  The Divrei Yechezkel, Harav Yechezkel Berstein, Zatzal, would have been proud.  I don't know if the Neshamos in the Yeshiva shel Ma'ala know or care about our doings, but I like to think that there's been a lot more dovevos going on and that he is giving my father Zatzal a yasher koach.

I will, bl'n, ship a copy to every Yeshiva or Kollel that requests one.  Under the terms of my agreement with the people involved in publishing the sefer, I am to distribute only to Mosdos and family, not to individuals.  I have been defining family very broadly, but my point is that if you have a mosad you are connected to that is of a caliber and type that would benefit from the Sefer, please let me know.

I prefer to be contacted through my my gmail address, at  eneisenberg.


  1. I would suggest sending a copy to the Mir Yeshiva (3 Rechov Beis Yisroel in Yerushalayim).

  2. I assume you mean that you personally can distribute only to mosdos and yeshivos, but this will be available in seforim stores for the rest of us as well? The D.Y. is a classic -- you have been mezakeh the olam hatorah in a big way.