Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kollel Hora'ah

Mazal Tov!

This week, Harav Mordechai Eisenberg Shlitah, HaRav Avi Beren shlitah and HaRav Shmuel Goldstein shlitah, have begun to make the dream a reality; they have opened the doors of Kollel Hora'ah in Marlboro, New Jersey. 

Ten outstanding young scholars, every single one an accomplished talmid chacham of proven talent and drive, have enthusiastically committed themselves to an intensive four year program to become expert poskim and leaders.  They have begun a program that covers kim'at all of Orach Chaim and Yoreh Dei'ah- including Issur v'Hetter, Taharas HaMishpacha, Mikvaos, Shabbos, Eiruvin, and Safrus. 

This is not superficial memorization of lists of poskim.  The learning is in the derech of the great Yeshivos of Litteh- Rishonim, achronim, and poskim with klorkeit and deep lomdus. Shiurim will be given by recognized Roshei Yeshiva, Morei Hora'ah and talmidei chachamim.  

There will be monthly bechinos.  Every good posek learns that hearing a question and knowing everything that is written is not enough.  One has to understand the hidden truth behind the written words, and to discern that every question is just one line in a flowchart of circumstances and consequences that have to be addressed- and often, the person asking does not realize what he really should be asking.  Accordingly, the bechinos will assume perfect knowledge of the apparent, and will test for the next level of understanding.

A prominent aspect of the training will be Shimush- they will be discuss and pasken actual she'eilos brought to the Beis Medrash.  Besides shailos that are brought in person, the Roshei Kollel have a reputation in New York and New Jersey as "The Text-Message Poskim," and the chavrei hakollel will have plenty to deal with.

Additionally, they will be trained in leadership and counseling skills by individuals of demonstrated ability and national prominence.

Be'ezras HaShem, the Manhigim of the future.

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