Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am not adding any Divrei Torah on Purim this year for several reasons. First, the ones I have already are, Be'ezras Hashem, and with all due humility, very good, and I prefer to not dilute excellence with mediocrity. Second, I (am) an aveil this year (written in March, 2008.) That means that I cannot receive any Shalach Manos, I cannot send more than one shalach manos, and I can't participate in a joyous seudas Purim with friends, although this is not really anything new for this Litvak. I hope next year will be more inspiring. Meanwhile, go ahead and enjoy what I posted in the past.

I can, however, offer a suggestion for shalach manos:

Eschew 'themes.' Themes are the colors women wear at weddings, not a din in shalach manos.

Friends don't send friends little bottles of wine with candy conglomerate and cookie debris at the bottom of the bag.

They're called manos because a manah is a course of a meal. If you really want to make someone happy, send a nice hot pizza, or a tray of lasagna; put some poppy seeds on it if you want it to be special. Or, think about what most men, and many women, would enjoy at special occassions: hot pastrami, barbecued turkey, ribs, lamb, things like that.

Of course, there is always the perfect Purim Gift-- "The Purim Salami! It's Elegant and Nutritious!" (C). For a very special family craft project for the kids, with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and some construction paper, you can dress up your salamis like Haman, or Mordechai or Esther. Or, you can send it dressed up like Vashti. Just remove the casing and put on a crown.

Call me crass, but when I receive an honorarium, or a host gift, I very much prefer that it be one of the following:
1. edible
2. negotiable.

For 'beautiful,' my imaginative faculty will suffice, thank you.



  1. Purim Gift-- "The Purim Salami! It's Elegant and Nutritious!"
    Nutritious?????? umm NO

  2. I beg your pardon... it is just as nutritious as it is elegant.