Monday, May 30, 2011

The Aneinu Teleconference Project

Aneinu is a women's Tehillim organization that promotes the saying of Tehillim by individuals and groups.  They have recorded shiurim of divrei chizuk as well.  Aneinu's latest project is live teleconference shiurim given by different speakers on assorted topics. These shiurim take place Wednesday evenings.

This Wednesday evening, the first of June and the eve of the twenty ninth of Sivan, Aneinu's speaker is a person for whom I and my children have a great deal of respect and affection.  Her speeches and divrei chizuk are illustrative of the dictum דברים היוצאים מן הלב  נכנסים אל הלב, and of the effectiveness of wisdom, sincerity, and skill.  I encourage every woman to tune in this Wednesday for words of chizuk and wisdom.  On Wednesday at 9:15 PM New York time, call 212-990-8000, then enter PIN 8020#, and you will be connected to the speech.

Information about this group and this project and others can be found here.

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  1. I'm commenting on my own post because I want to remember this. The speaker exceeded all expectations, and her mother called in during the discussion to say "I gave birth to this speaker." The only flaw was that it was supposed to be around an hour, and she finished in half an hour. This is because she was so thoroughly prepared, that she knew exactly what she wanted to say and how to say it, so there was no dithering around. In the future, we'll have to do remedial yente-ing.