Friday, November 21, 2008

Mara Shechora

I appreciate the personal and posted letters and comments. The reason I haven't posted in a few weeks is that my creativity level is tied to the Dow Jones. It is, unfortunately, a trailing, not a leading, indicator. In vestos, it would be kol avarei'ha ke'veidim. I tried listening to Frank Mills, and I found it saccharine; I tried ELP, and it was like the choreography of a car running a red light and hitting someone in the intersection. Beethoven's Pastorale helps, but only as long as I am listening to it.

Someone suggested that my problem is that I write from my head, and I ought to be writing from my boich, or some other organ. I think I'll try it, bli neder, next week.


  1. Thank you,
    May your creativity return soon.

  2. >>>I write from my head, and I ought to be writing from my boich

    Todos is a good parhsa to try with. After all, it seemed to work for Yitzchak when he said "ashe li mat'amim..."

  3. I thik after readin the Derech Tzchok torah you would not be
    Mara Shechora"

  4. Just another one on this week (Toldos) to keep you going.
    "Viykorv Yimei evel avi"
    Rashi says it means when Yitchok dies he will kill Yackov. Then he adds yesh harbeh panim,meaning there are other Pshatim.First the question is why does he send Elifaz
    to kill him then. The Matteh Yehuda answers it is simpile I will wait untill Yemei evel avi and we both need the Amud to daven and the Derech is I have Kedimah you are a Rasha and you only daven here on shabbos and so on and then I will have an easy oprtunity to kill you. Vdak.

  5. I awate a snarky remark in resp-once also somone told me that Reb Moshe said the fact that the Ramban said that Avrham did an Averiah going to Mitzrayim was added by his enemies and he did not acctualy write it was added later did you ever hear this from him ,or is it in Darash Moshe?or his children thanks.

  6. Is this Mara Shechora related to the Mar Shachor who is the current nasi-elect.

  7. Wow that's an avi avos. another for the Derech Tzchok
    Why was Rivkah so upset when one child try to leave by a Beis Avodah Zara he was going out to make a Macha!?!? The answer is the guy who is busy learning is not making the Machos.

  8. Namsich Bisugyasanu-Parsha Vayetzeh
    "Vayetzay Yackov Mbeer Shevah" Rashi says when a Tzaddik leaves you feel it. If so why not say it by Avrohom and Yitzchok what is Yackov diffrent? The first two tzaddikim where men of means they where rich everyone knows when they leave, but Yackov he was poor Elifaz got the Money non the less "VAYETZAY"you know when a tzaddik leaves.