Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Synopsis of the Foregoing Divrei Torah on Zechus Avos

Having used the last three posts for the long version, here's a very short but thorough synopsis.

By the way, in last week's parsha it says that Yakov took stones and put them Me'rashosav. One of the letter investigtors on chumash (Leket Mi'Tanach, Brooklyn tof shin mem gimmel, by Mordechai Rimland, Parshas Vayeitzei 28:11, quoting Heichal Habracha) points out that this also can be read as "mei'rosh Tav," a reference to the Gemara in Shabbas 55a about the letter Tav that was written on people's foreheads at the time of the churban habayis. But it's probably just a coincidence.

Sanhedrin 104a: Abba Lo Mezakeh Bra; Bra Mezakeh Aba.

Shabbas 55a. Tama Zechus Avos

Yoma 87a. Ashreihem letzadikim, she'mezakim le'bneihen...ahd sof kol hadoros.

A whole bunch of kashes.

Rashi -- Tefillah Trumps Tama.

Rabeinu Tam -- Philogenic Favoritism is Finished, but the Covenental Connection Continues.

The Ri -- Preservation for Progeny of the Merit of Piety is limited by Propinquity of either Proximity or Propensity.

The Rashba -- Fillial Favoritism is Found only in the Physical; Spiritual Salvation is Specific to the Scrupulous -- except in the case of Special Supplication.

Maharal -- The Legacy of Largesse has been deLimited to Little things; Alternatively, as Rashi said, Tefilla Triumphs over Termination.

Shvus Yaakov

Tosfos in Sotah

Zechus, Bris, Olam Hazeh, Olam Haba, Tefilla, a little, a lot, and we don't pasken like that anyway.......







The end.

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