Friday, November 20, 2009

Congratulations to Brisker

Congratulations to Brisker on getting a score of 94 on his first major Arabic translation test, in which he had to translate complex sentences from Arabic to Hebrew. May he go mei'chayil el choyil.

Rabbi Kaphach (קאפח) z'l should be looking over his shoulder.

To make this post less obscure:
Brisker is the son of a good friend, an American boy who is studying in Israel, both in a kollel and at a University.  I'm proud of him for many reasons.  First, his Kollel and University studies are mutually extra-curricular.  Second, for an English speaker to do well translating Arabic into Hebrew deserves recognition.  Third, he's just a nice young man.

Rav Kaphach translated the Rambam's Judeo-Arabic into Hebrew, and many people say that he did a far better job than earlier translators. Brisker is studying both classic and modern Arabic, but probably not Judeo-Arabic.  Rav Kaphach probably doesn't really have anything to worry about.


  1. a little context, perhaps.

  2. First Rav Kapach was Judeo-arabic spoken so that the commeners not understand, or somthing like Yiddish in Eastern Europe meaning ditinct from the language spoken by those around them so learning arabic has no backing.