Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How Chad Gadya Should Be Sung

It's getting ready for Pesach time, and in the name of cultural diffusion, here are some suggestions for Chad Gadya.

Or (kol isha)

There are certain verses for which the sound effects require some planning.
In my house, individuals specialize; I have the first verse, ostensibly because I'm Abba, but also because I do the gadya so well.

Here is Moishe Oysher's version. No animal sounds, and some silly graphics, but it does have the Barry Sisters. Seems to work better on the higher resolution, so click on that to get it to work.

A Moyshe Oysher cover, without sisters:

And here's one that might be new to Ashkenazim.

Here is an Arabic version.

and a Tunisian version

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