Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pesach 5773. A Compendium of Exclusive Divrei Torah

What Merits Brought About Our Redemption from Mitzrayim
They worshiped idols; they didn't do mitzvos.  Who cares that they kept their Hebrew language and names?

The Reason We Dip Twice At the Seder (2013)
The answer to the un-answered question.

The Rambam's Four Tibulim
The Rambam says you dip four times at the Seder. How does he read the Mah Nishtana?

Shipping Chametz before pesach
Potential liability and benefit from Chametz on Pesach.

Juvenal Behavior and Circuses
Two unknown holidays- Defrosting the Chametz and Sour Grapes.

Focusing on the Children at the Seder
Remembering who is supposed to be the star of the seder.

Maror and Redemption
The Beis Halevi and the Malbim on the Maror in the Geula.

Learning Torah instead of bringing a korban pesach
The Chasam Sofer's pshat in the dialogue between Moshe Rabbeinu and the people that asked for a Pesach Sheini and the problems with his pshat.

Loving the Jews you can’t stand
Preparing for the Geula Ha'asida on the second days of Pesach

Bris Milah and Yetzias Mitzrayim
Areilus interferes with bringing a Korban Pesach, and it also interferes with initiating the chain of events that led to the first Korban Pesach in Mitzrayim.

The Right Way to Sing Chad Gadya
Jews from the four corners of the world sing about the little goat.

The Kittel  and the Seder 
A kittle is a symbolic garment.  What it symbolizes is harder to pin down.

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