Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why I Moved from Havolim

Although it was a perfectly good and  appropriate name (הבל פיהם,  חבלים היו לי בנעימים, אדם להבל דמה, מאן דנפח מגרמיה נפח, among many others,) I moved the serious Torah to Beis Vaad because, among other reasons, I was looking at this (115) bizarre question in the Rogotchover, where, at the second sentence in the second column, he indicates that ואל ידבר הבלים מספרי המלקטים הבורים is not just a modern phenomenon.  The shailah reminds me of the chassan that asked me whether there would be an issur of negi'ah if he wore gloves.  (Of course it was a silly question; the issur is lo sikrevu, with gloves or not.  It happens to be relevant by yayin nesech too- see Igros YD II:51, where Reb Moshe assers, and of course in hilchos lulav and kodshim.)  Good thing I told him it was assur, because the Rogotchover's case would have been the next question he would have asked.


  1. typical rogatchover -- he even has to throw a mareh makom (san 38) into a macha'ah

    1. I didn't even look it up till you mentioned it- I just shook my head in hispaalus.. I looked it up now (San40b,) and saw that it says וראה את ערותה אטו בראייה תליא מילתא אלא עד שיראוהו טעמו של דבר. My father zatzal said that in Slabodka they used to make fun of people who were bekiim but not lomdim by using the passuk in Iyov אלהים הבין דרכה והוא ידע את מקומה. They would point to themselves by the first half of the passuk, and at the baki for the second half.

    2. I just saw the reference to San 38 in the next teshuva, 116. There, he says that dialogue with some people only makes things worse, and brings from the Gemara there ודע מה שתשיב לאפיקורוס אמר ר' יוחנן ל"ש אלא אפיקורוס (של) עובדי כוכבים אבל אפיקורוס ישראל כ"ש דפקר טפי