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Monday, April 19, 2021

The Importance of Mesibas Preida, Tzeischem L'Shalom, Goodbye Party.

 Three parts.

Part One: Sources in Chazal for the idea of marking a person's departure from his home city with a סעודת או מסיבת פרידה, וצאתכם לשלום

Part Two: The story of the Beilis Trial, and how it relates to the idea of a Seudas Preida.

Part Three: An insight into the interconnectedness of all men, and even more so the people in the Jewish community, and the beauty that is hidden in so many people כפלח הרימון, and how important it is to try to understand, and appreciate, and admire our fellow Jews. 

 Part I

To some extent, you don't need a makor in Chazal for things that are obviously good and true. On the other hand, we do like to cite sources for everything, such as in Gittin 6a, 

והא בבל לצפונה דא"י קיימא דכתיב (ירמיהו א, יד) ויאמר ה' אלי מצפון תפתח הרעה

So, is there a source for gathering to wish a friend off when he leaves the community?  I have three. 

Two are from the stories of Eliahu and Elisha.

The first is in Malachim I 19:19-21.


  1. No mention of עגלה ערופה and ידינו לא שפכו הדם הזה? Mishnah Sotah found on 45b, gemara on 46b), " וכי על דעתינו עלתה שזקני ב"ד שופכי דמים הן אלא שלא בא על ידינו ופטרנוהו (בלא מזון) ולא ראינוהו והנחנוהו (בלא לוייה)"

    And then R Meir, "תניא היה ר"מ אומר כופין ללויה ששכר הלויה אין לה שיעור"

    1. That was the first thing my brother suggested when I was trying to find a makor for a seudas preida! That led me to my thoughts about the kal vachomer from orei'ach to toshav that is leaving. I hesitated to relate it to a case of murder, so I kind of used that Gemara without directly quoting it.