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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Drasha Shavuos 2022 תשפ'ב

The most important element in attaining gadlus in Torah is unremitting ameilus. But after ameilus, and even after knowing kol hatorah kulah, there are other factors that make a difference in the quality of your Torah.

Bava Metzia 85b


  1. Yyasher kochacha -- nice to see you posting again.
    One note with respect to the gemara in Kid 30 about learning with a grandfather is k'ilu kibla mei'Har Sinai -- 1) the Tur I think changes the girsa from ben bno to bno (Einayim laMishpat brings different girsaos in the Rishonim) to get around the question; 2) R' Meir Lichtenstein quoted RYBS that there are two dinim (what else would you expect?) -- 1. talmud torah 2. transmitting mesorah. Father to son is t"t, but grandparents have added advantage of being able to pass on mesorah from prior generations. (section IV in This fits nicely with RYBS shiurim on mesorah in the Shiurim l'Zecher Aba Mari.

    1. Thank you. I was motivated to post after a chance conversation with someone I never met before, but who recognized my name and said that he enjoyed the divrei Torah (when he could understand them...)
      The Haflaah's girsa, though, is ben beno. But I have to say that this vort from RYBS, besides being a fine insight in itself, is a wonderful explanation of the Haflaah. Thanks for the mm.