Sunday, February 1, 2015

End of shiva, end of Epoch

Shiva for my mother ended a few hours ago.   וזרח השמש ובא השמש.  As the sun rose, the epoch of the Talmud Torah of Kelm ended.  There are still several women who attended Yavne seminary in Telz- one of her teachers at Yavne is baruch hashem maarich yamim veshanim, but the doors of the Talmud Torah in Kelm have now closed.

The loss is made more bitter by the universally accepted reality that my parents did not leave children  of anything close to a comparable stature.

Still, and this is a chizuk, from what I've seen and heard this week, it seems that something of my father's Slabodker mesora of Torah and Mussar, and my mother's Kelmer mesora of Mussar and Torah, is reappearing in their grandchildren.  It may have an American accent, it may have an Israeli accent, but it's there.