Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Va'eschanan. Two kinds of Retzicha

I saw this brought down from the Brisker Rov in the name of the Gaon. I apologize if it's in the style of what you'd see in Hamodia. I liked it, and here it is. 

In the taam elyon, it is pronounced Lo Tirtzoch, while in the taam tachton it is Lo Tirtzach. He brings from Avoda Zara 19b
אמר רבי אבא אמר רב הונא אמר רב מאי דכתיב (משלי ז, כו) כי רבים חללים הפילה זה תלמיד שלא הגיע להוראה ומורה ועצומים כל הרוגיה זה תלמיד שהגיע להוראה ואינו מורה
He says that the two retzichos are retzicha through speech where one should be silent, and retzicha through silence when one should speak. That is the explanation for the patach and the kametz- retzicha through a patach- open, and retzicha with a kametz- shut.

This relates to what I brought regarding the difference between Ketores and Wine, here. The examples are numerous, including the punishment of Iyov for his silence when he should have protested.

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